Exmouth Rowing Club

Club contact: 
Secretary. Richard Robinson
Racing colours: 
Red and White
Club history / extra information : 

The club was formed in 1993 and caters for all types of rowing both recreationally and competitively on open sea or smooth waters. As well as attending the WEARA area regattas the club also participates in sea rowing events in the Channel Islands and Brittany. The current boats used are 34' grp coxed fours and can be rowed in the roughest of waters, using the dagger boards fitted the boats can easily surf in shallow waters. The clubs meets every Sunday throughout the year and on Tuesdays and Thursday during the Summer period.

During 2018 the club will celebrate the first 25 years, several events are planned.


Secretary. Richard Robinson. exmouthrowingclub@google.com

Club Captain. Morag Van-Niekerk

Chairman. Phil Gray


The Esplanade
EX8 2AY Exmouth, DEV